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Tote bags, T-shirts, and Cozies all display the great quotation by Barry Lewis from the PBS documentary "A Walk Through Queens":

“I can’t think of a better neighborhood to live in in New York City.”

Tote Bag

Tote Bags are durable canvas, with a zipper to close firmly. They measure approximately 13" wide, 5" deep, and 13" tall, with shoulder straps for a 14" extension.

$35 each, plus shipping



While supplies last, our all-cotton, pre-shrunk Gilden T-shirts are available in sizes Adult Small through Large, and Youth Medium through Extra Large (which doubles as a Ladies’ Petite). All T-shirts are white, except Adult Large, which comes in Natural (unbleached beige).

$20 each, plus shipping

The T-shirt’s 9 colors are the maximum that can be screen printed. On back, in blue, is the quotation from Barry Lewis that also highlights the Sunnyside Gardens tote bag and cozy.

Choose Size

Add a set of 4 Sunnyside Gardens Cozies to your order for no additional shipping!

$10 with the purchase of a tote bag or T-shirt.

Cozies are glass and can holders made of wetsuit material, to help keep cold items cold and hot ones hot, and give you a dry, insulated grip. A set of 4 colors keeps your drink from being confused with everyone else’s.