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  • To Make the Phipps Playground a Park for All

    Can the historic Phipps Outdoor Nursery at 39th Avenue and 50th Street (shown above) be re-opened for everyone to cheer about? You can help to accomplish that. A dedicated group of neighbors from all around Sunnyside and Woodside have formed a Friends of the Park group to purchase the land for public enjoyment.

  • 2 National Register Plaques for 2 Historic Sisters

    Shortly after the Nazis seized power in Austria in 1938, two sisters escaped with their families, settled in Sunnyside Gardens, and reinvented their careers. Our National Register Plaque Program honored each of them this fall with historic markers on the homes where they lived. Adding to our knowledge and admiration of these women, the Sunnyside Reformed Church hosted 2 plays and an evening of films.

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